It started with a hammer and nails in the backyards of Lawrence.

And it ends with a breathtaking sukkah in yours.

A childhood hobby, knack for building, pursuit of perfection, and thousands of thrilled customers are the backstory of the most durable sukkah that exists.

Litton’s our last name, and it’s the first sukkah that won’t blow over, fade, stain, rip or mold.

The brothers

Hey, we’re brothers. We started building sukkahs over a decade ago, for our next-door neighbors and then, the neighborhood.

We put up hundreds of sukkahs

We saw it all: the flappy fabrics, chol hamoed rebuilding, fading colors, and stains that just wouldn’t come out.

And we knew:

Making your sukkah feel like home has to mean more than carrying in a couch.

We accepted the challenge: develop a sukkah that looks good, and performs better

  • It had to be strong yet lightweight, so we sourced marine-grade materials with extremely high wind resistance-ratings.
  • Cheaper fabrics retained heat but let in winds, so we sourced Sunbrella canvas.
  • The quality of Asian production isn’t long lasting, so we developed local production lines.
  • It would have to serve your family no matter where, and no matter who was joining for chag, so we developed a fully modular design so you can change up the size and shape every year.

The Sukkah

A sukkah that blends structural integrity with modern design, high performance with low maintenance.

Structurally sound

Sunbrella fabric meets 16-gauge steel in a stunning display of quality and performance. Extremely high wind resistance rating means your sukkah will stand (and stand and stand), breathable fabric prevents heat and wind from disturbing your meals, plus it easily wipes-off to prevent staining (yes, even wine).

Gorgeous design

Extend the comfort and luxury of your home outdoors with clean lines, 4 standard color choices or endless color customization, and your chosen layout, personalized with roll-up windows and doors.

And it's not just a sukkah.


Whether it’s a sukkah for your cramped Brooklyn porch or shul’s spacious courtyard, 1 phone call gets it fully stocked. We can provide lighting, extra schach, and any other equipment upon request.


The Litton Sukkah is easy to store but if you don’t have the space, we’ll store and deliver it to you every year. You can enjoy the sukkah of your dreams without it taking over your storage space.

End to end

From set up to breakdown, we ensure hassle-free sukkah experiences that have got you cared for from beginning to end.

We’re still the boys from Lawrence who will wow you with our service.


No bots, ignored emails, or automated system runarounds. Just humans at the other end of the line, happy to help.


Have a question? Need assistance? Call us. We’re on standby to help and guide you

Clean Crew

You never have to worry about packaging or trash left behind by our crew. Their work is fast, efficient, and reliable — and they’ll leave you with only a beautiful sukkah to enjoy

Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 5 year warranty.