The last sukkah you'll ever buy.

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"It's the Rolls Royce of sukkahs."

— David Taller, Lawrence NY

Do You Suffer From Sukkah Stress?

A hotbox in the heat, drafty in the cold

Chol Hamoed activity: Reassembling the blown-over sukkah

Materials that stain, fade, and grow mold

Holding your breath when the winds begin

Sounds Familiar?

If you want a sukkah you’ll never need to replace, you want a Litton.

Litton’s Sukkah is the only sukkah on the market of its caliber, and the Litton brothers are the only ones offering start-to-finish white glove service.

High end design, higher-end performance.

to build and store

on entire assembly

Unmatched durability
that lasts

Made of marine-grade materials

  • Acrylic Sunbrella® fabric won’t rip, stain, fade, or mold
  • Steel frame and strong materials for extreme high-wind resistance rating at every size

Lightweight, heavy-lifting

  • Keep the wind and heat out with uniquely strong + breathable fabrics
  • At only 18 lbs/panel, your sukkah will be easy to build, easy to store

Hand made in the USA

  • Unparalleled quality and durability
  • Our attention to detail has created the best sukkah on the market

Memories are more beautiful when made in a Litton Sukkah.

24 years
of sukkah building

12 years
of manufacturing

of satisfied clients

Customize your Sukkah — every year.

The most gorgeous, fully modular build-out so you can expand and contract your sukkah to fit any size, any shape, any family.

Choose from our standard options

or endless custom color options for a small upcharge

  • A select combination of 44 inch and 20 inch panels
  • Your desired height — either 7.5 or 8 feet tall
  • Any number of roll up doors and windows

Break it down, grow it, move doors and windows - for the perfect layout, every year.

Sukkah with Service

Seamless delivery

Assembly, dismantling, and storage upon request

Personalized customer service

All you have to do: make the call, and relax in your sukkah.
We take care of everything in between.

Every Litton Sukkah comes fully equipped:

44 inch

Fully modular, pick your number of acrylic sunbrella® fabric 44 inch panels

20 inch

Fully modular, pick your number of acrylic sunbrella® fabric 20 inch panels


Pick your number of roll-up doors

window panels

Pick your number of roll-up window panels


Premium schach

Heavy duty
steel frames

16-gauge powder-coated, heavy duty steel frames


Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces

Stainless steel

Stainless steel hardware

wood beams

Precut wood beams with built-in schach notches

5 year

5 year warranty

As Seen In

Sukkah Success Stories

“When I had to replace my sukkah, I knew I wanted a Litton. It is the best made sukkah I’ve ever seen. I owned 6 sukkahs before my Litton. Every single one blew down. I’ve been using the Litton for 4 years, and it doesn’t shake — at all.
It looks gorgeous, too!
It’s the best on the market in every way — the best product, best customer service, best setup crew — they leave everything neat and clean.”

David Taller, Lawrence NY

“The sukkah-rental business is a relatively new space in which the Litton family of Lawrence, NY, is a pioneer.”


“Upon completion of the new sukkah, Rabbi Feiner of the White Shul was so excited that, with happy tears in his eyes, he began dancing with the Litton boys in the sukkah.”

The 5 Towns Jewish Times

"Amazing service and a high-quality product that I am very pleased to share with my family."

Steve White

Join the 150+ customers enjoying their first Litton Sukkah on Sukkos 2022.

Just one thing:
When we sell out, we sell out. We won't compromise on quality by taking on more orders.

About Us

It began in the backyards of Lawrence, and mushroomed into the most sought after custom sukkah on the market. The Litton brothers built — quite literally — a business with thousands of thrilled clients who have found the sukkah of their dreams with Litton.

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How It's Made

Every panel is made of strong steel, with the uniquely breathable, cleanable, durable Sunbrella acrylic fabric married to it permanently.
Every panel can connect to any panel, so you can change up your layout and the placing of your doors and windows every year.

How It Works

Take out all the panels, and decide on your desired size and layout.

Using just 3 easy nuts and bolts, connect two panels. Repeat until your sukka's complete!

Make a cuppa joe, or grab a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and enjoy the most beautiful sukkah on your block.

Buy once, use for a lifetime.

It's the only sukkah that will not blow over, rip, fade, stain, or mold.
Inquire about our rent to buy option.

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